Friday, May 13, 2016

The Kitchen at Dunlavy

The Kitchen at Dunlavy opened back in December and, though it is located close to my home and office, today was my first opportunity to dine there. I went for lunch, with my friend, Minerva, at noon.

The restaurant is located on the north side of Allen Parkway and sits on a beautiful tract overlooking Buffalo Bayou and Lost Lake. It serves breakfast and lunch daily (from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.), and hosts special events at night.

The dining room is a spacious "green house" overlooking the park. Hanging from its ceiling are dozens of antique crystal chandeliers, creating an atmosphere that is both funky and beautiful.

In the dining room, there are a variety of large round and rectangular tables, designed to accommodate as many as six diners coming in together or two or three small groups sharing the space with strangers when they get there (as Minerva and I did). In this dining room, a solo diner will never have to sit or eat alone. Nice!

A covered, outdoor patio deck is situated on the restaurant's backside. Today, though there was a slight breeze in the air, the overhead fans were in spin-cycle mode, assuring all diners sitting there were cool and comfy. 

The Kitchen at Dunlavy is a pet-friendly environment, and evidence of that was a pleasant sight. From our vantage point in the dining room, we spotted four four-legged guests lying quietly at the feet of their owners. 

I couldn't help but think about my next visit here. I will bring Winston the Wonder Dog along and see how much he likes the patio. I can only pray he behaves as well as the pooches I saw today! 

Ah, the menu at The Kitchen at Dunlavy! It is influenced by southern California, for sure, and lists lots of tasty-sounding snacks, salads and sandwiches, as well as vegetables and sweets. The produce, I discovered, is sourced from three on-site gardens.

I ordered the veggie sandwich, which featured multigrain bread, tomato goat cheese, hummus, cucumber, tomato, avocado, radish, spinach and sprouts. It came with steak fries, which were prepared with roasted russet potatoes, rosemary, sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper and olive oil. The sandwich and the fries were unusual and delicious! 

Minerva ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad and loved the mixture of romaine, red and green cabbage, mandarin oranges, basil, cilantro, ginger vinaigrette and wonton crisps with rotisserie chicken and peanut sauce.

Just before we finished our meals, the hostess stopped by our table and gifted us with a small dish of sweets - two small brownies and a large lemon cookie with white icing. Just a sweet gesture, but not at all necessary. The food and ambiance at The Kitchen at Dunlavy were treats enough!

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