Saturday, May 28, 2016

Simply Barbra

Steven Brinberg
Theater LaB, Houston's premiere off-Broadway theater, is presenting the show, Simply Barbra, this weekend. And, luckily, despite the fact the show was totally sold out, I was able to secure a pair of great tickets for tonight's performance at the Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MAtCH).
Simply Barbra
 is a one-man show, featuring Steven Brinberg, the best of the Barbra Streisand impressionists. 
Brinberg does not lip-sync in his performances. Instead, he accurately portrays Streisand with his own (and incredible) Barbra-like voice!

He also sang a few songs Streisand did not record, in the way Brinberg believed she would have recorded them. I especially liked Brinberg's interpretation of Barbra singing Tomorrow from the Broadway show, Annie, as well as his comments (as Streisand) about not understanding why she was never offered the lead in that big hit.

Simply Barbra
was one terrific show. If I could, I would go see it again!

Tonight he sang a dozen of my favorite Streisand tunes, including Don't Rain on My Parade, No More Tears, You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore and, of course, People.

In between the songs, Brinberg sprinkled other spicy bits of humor and good-natured fun, all the while taking on some of Streisand's most recognizable characteristics and making them his own!

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