Monday, May 23, 2016

Shopping in Ocean Springs

During our recent stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Biloxi, my son, Matt, and I learned about the small town of Ocean Springs, situated two miles away, on the other side of the Biloxi Bay Bridge.
As it turned out, nearly everyone we talked to who worked at the hotel lives there and, they encouraged us to set aside time for a visit - even if only a short one!

They mentioned Ocean Springs' location along the Gulf Coast and its reputation as an art community, its quaint downtown area with unique shops and galleries and great ethnic restaurants. All, of course, whet my appetite for a bit of exploring.

Downtown Ocean Springs
So, last Saturday morning, after a delicious breakfast at the Hard Rock Hotel's amazing brunch buffet, Matt and I ventured out.

We found our way to downtown Ocean Springs quickly and easily. There, we found streets lined with beautiful live oak trees and charming old brick buildings. Housed inside were all those shops and galleries and eateries we were there to see.

Admittedly, Matt wasn't terribly excited about shopping with his mom, but he indulged me - serving as my chauffeur and carrier of packages (should help be needed).

We parked at one end of Washington Avenue and began to walk and window shop. The first place we ventured into was Polly's, a wonderful shop filled with jewelry, decorative home accessories, gifts, local art and gourmet food items.

The owner, Gayle, was there, so Matt and I were able meet and chat with her. 

I asked if the store had a single "best-selling item." 

Gayle said, "Yes," and, then, quickly led us over to a display of lovely silver and pearl bracelets. 

"We sell more Blessing Bracelets than anything else," she said. "It's been that way ever since we started carrying them."

Gayle went on to explain that the bracelets were handmade and designed to remind wearers of their blessings and to encourage them to be grateful. 

Each of the four pearls (or colored bead) on the bracelets represent a different blessing -- like family, friends, good health, etc. 

Gayle said, "Our customers really love these bracelets. Many buy several - some to wear themselves and others to give to as gifts. Some of our customers have bought several bracelets to wear together. The multiple bracelets represent many blessings - the abundance of life."

I like that. I like that a lot!

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