Thursday, May 5, 2016

New English Words

I am continually amazed at the speed at which the English language adapts to the changing world around us. These days, new words enter our language from every area of our lives. Knowing this, I often find myself going to Google to search for "new English words." And, afterwards, going to my favorite dictionary to see if those new words have made it into print. I did that today!

I found there were dozens and dozens and dozens of new words. No surprise there. What was a surprise, however, was how many of them have something to do with the subjects of writing and/or communication. 

Here, I have listed 12 words that were totally new to me.  

Blook - a blend of the words book and blog. A book written by a blogger.

Chick lit - Books written by women, usually on contemporary themes and issues that appeal more to women than men.

Copyleft Opposite of copyright. Copyleft eliminates restrictions and allows freedom of use for all.

Flog - A fake blog. Appears to be written by an individual, but is really being written by a company or business to advertise a product or service.

HacktivistA person who manipulates information on the internet in order to transmit a message, usually political.

Hyperconnected - Able to communicate and be instantly reachable through multiple devices with Internet connectivity (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.).

Netiquette - Blend of "network and "etiquette." Set of rules governing appropriate behavior on the internet.

Netizen Blend of "internet' and "citizen." A person who spends an excessive amount of time on the internet.

Outernet Traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television) as opposed to the internet.

Spinnish - The language used by spin doctors, spokes-persons, campaign managers, etc. when trying to present information in a favorable light.

Tweetheart A Twitter user who is very popular or with whom other users communicate a lot.

WeblishA form of English that is used on the web (use of abbreviations, acronyms, small letters, absence of punctuation, hyphens etc.) Also known as webspeak, netspeak and internetese.

Like I said, these words were new to me. Wonder how long it will be before I will be able to incorporate them into my own conversations, how long it will take until they roll off my tongue easily and with aplomb!

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