Saturday, May 7, 2016

"I and You"

The regional premiere of Lauren Gundeson's I and You has opened at Stages Repertory Theatre, and tonight I had the pleasure of going to see this terrific new play.

I went without finding out much about the play. I did not know, for example, that it was a one-act play, running continuously for 85 minutes.

I did not know its cast consisted of just two characters -- a teenaged boy and a teenaged girl. I did not know - at all - what the play for about.

This lack of information made it all the more fun to settle in and watch patiently as the actors appeared on stage and the script was played out with such skill and talent.
"On the night before a high school assignment is due, Anthony arrives unexpectedly at his bedridden classmate’s house to seek her help with the project. They awkwardly join forces to plumb the mysteries of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass -- unaware that a deeper mystery has brought them together."

As I discovered, "I and You is a quick-witted mashup of poetry and punchy slang, adolescent uncertainty and profound beauty."

As the story unfolds, the characters become more and more connected with each other, and the viewer becomes more and more invested in them - silently praying all will work out well with for the duo.

Then, almost suddenly, I and You comes to a surprising, jaw-dropping end. And, with that end, comes the realization of what this play was really about. Something we all need to think about!

I am recommending this play to my friends and family. It is, for sure, one not to be missed.

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