Monday, April 4, 2016

The Sunset Capital of Texas

For more than 30 years, the Oasis on Lake Travis has enjoyed a reputation as the "Sunset Capital of Texas." Go there, and you easily see why. 

The Oasis on Lake Travis was built in 1982 by Houston entrepreneur Beau Theriot. It sits on on a 500-acre track and on a cliff 450 feet above the beautiful Austin waterway. It boasts an unrivaled view of the lake and to the horizon beyond. 
The Courtyard at The Oasis 

The outdoor restaurant, at 30,000-square-feet, is the largest in Texas. It houses eight event rooms and multiple decks overlooking the lake. It can accommodate parties of two to 2500. 

My first visit to The Oasis on Lake Travis took place in the mid-80s, not too many years after it opened. Already, It was Austin's most popular restaurant and a must-go place for Happy Hour and first dates. When people talked about The Oasis, they always talked about the view and recommended others to go there just before sunset. 

The Oasis specializes in Tex-Mex cuisine and bar drinks. Everything is pretty good, but it is still the view that everyone raves about. 

Tonight I was lucky enough to make another return visit to The Oasis. This time, I was there with my daughter, Nicole, and my two grandchildren, Alexandra (8) and Andrew (6). 

Yes, The Oasis caterers to families too!

Only moments after we were led to a table, our waitress showed up and, immediately asked Andrew if he would like to "ring the bell." Of course, he said, "Yes!"

I had forgotten about "the bell" and The Oasis' custom to have someone ring it two minutes before sunset but Andrew had not. 

Remembering exactly where the bell was positioned, he jumped out of his seat and ran off in its direction. Seconds later, the sounds of the bell rang out, and eyes on the decks turned west! 

It was a beautiful moment.

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