Monday, April 4, 2016

Shopping at The Domain

Today, my daughter and I went shopping at The Domain, Austin's premier retail district. It boasts 100 stores and restaurants in a uniquely charming outdoor setting.

It was my first visit to The Domain and, admittedly, I was 
taken with The Domain's lush landscaping and custom art elements. Everywhere I looked, there was something pretty to see --  like the small park and waterfall positioned at the heart of the center.

Nicole and I both liked being able to browse around in the designer and high-end retail shops (like Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Tumi and Tiffany's), as well as in a number of smaller shops and boutiques, exclusive to The Domain. 

One of my favorites was Loft Home, an independently owned shop that carries an array of contemporary furniture and home accessories, including sofas, tables, chairs, arts, rugs, table lamps and bedding. According to a staffer there, "all of the products carried at Loft Home are made from eco-friendly materials." 

My daughter spent a lot of time looking at tables (for a casual eating area in her home), while I spent most of my time there looking (with great interest) at the home accessories, including several large pieces of art. I didn't walk out with any new purchases, but I'm sure one particular painting will still be on my mind tomorrow - and thereafter!

Atar'd State was another great shop located at The Domain. It features adorable clothing, footwear, jewelry, fashion, accessories, decor and gifts for women and girls.

Atar'd State, though new to me, has dozens of locations in more than 20 states across the U.S. Its slogan is "stand out. for good." 

I asked a young employee about the slogan while I was in the shop. From her, I learned the company is committed to giving back and has three pillars of philanthropy: 

* Donate a total of one percent of all sales to local and international charities
* Fund employee volunteer hours each month
* Work with vendor partners who share its mission to give back

I love that!

When I got back to my computer this afternoon, I researched Altar'd State online. The more I read the information on its website, the more impressed I became, the more I wanted to support their efforts. 

Also, I discovered Altar'd State has two locations in the Houston area - in Baybrook Mall and The Woodlands Mall. Delighted to know that!

Nicole and I spent several hours at The Domain today, but it was not enough time to pop in and out of all of the shops. We will have to go back. Hopefully, we will do that next time I'm in Austin to visit her.

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