Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Purse Snatching

This morning, my brand new red purse was stolen - right off the front seat of my locked car.

Yes, my locked car!

At about 11 a.m., while on my way to cover a luncheon, I pulled into an empty parking space right in front of a small local business.

I got out of my car, locked the car door with my remote control and walked into the building. Because I was expecting to be away from my car for only a few minutes, I left my purse in the car. As I said, the locked car!

Unfortunately, that brand new red purse was easily visible to passersby.

And, so it happened. A couple of young men (caught on video surveillance by the owner of the local business) walked by my car and saw the purse. In the wink of an eye, one used some new-fangled gadget to remotely open the car door. And, in another wink of the eye, they were gone. The men and my brand new red purse!

When I returned to my car, my own remote control didn't unlock the car door immediately. It took a few attempts before I was able to make entry. Apparently, the "remote" the thief used messed up (if only momentarily) my own.

Immediately, I realized my brand new red purse was gone!

I ran back into the building, reported the incident to the shop owner and, then, headed to my office to make the necessary calls - to the police department to file a report and to multiple credit card companies to report the snatching.

Before I got to my desk, alerts were going off on my iPhone. Already, one of the stolen credit cards had been used - four times in the same convenience store. Damn!

I spent the next three hours on the phone contacting all who needed to hear from me. 

Then, I remembered my checkbook. It was in my purse, as well. Hurriedly, I got online and checked to see if money had been withdrawn from my account yet. Luckily, it had not. So, I quickly transferred all the money into my savings account - where it would be safe!

Next, I drove over to my bank and had that checking account officially closed out.

Afterwards, when I got home, I thought about identify theft and what an easy target I am to that now. So, I called to the company I use to protect my identity to let it know what happened today. The woman I spoke to was helpful. 

She told me to keep an eye on my credit; watch for any attempts to open new bank accounts or apply for new credit cards. She reassured me her company would be doing the same on my behalf. 

Today was a waste. I missed the luncheon I had committed to attend and was unable to get any other work accomplished. 

A purse snatching is no small thing; it's a terrible distraction. But, more importantly, it can lead to more problems and bigger headaches!

Sadly, only time will tell. 

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