Monday, March 7, 2016

Fearless Females

The number of fearless females who live and work in Houston is a blessing to our city. Being able to spotlight many of them, in the pages of Houston Woman Magazine, has been a distinct pleasure and honor.

Over the past many years, we have "talked" about dozens and dozens of successful female business owners and corporate executives, attorneys and lawmakers, doctors and nurses, teachers and administrators, talented artists, musicians and performers.

We appreciate the accomplishments and contributions of Houston’s fearless females and believe they deserve attention! Admittedly, and with pride, we have served as cheerleaders for them. We have held the megaphone, so to speak, so the message of their magnificence could get out.

Houston’s fearless females come in all shapes and sizes, from different generations and different backgrounds. Even so, when these beautiful, brave souls are brought together, they connect instantly, and view each other as kindred spirits with much in common — the kinds of things that make them role models for the rest of us.

Alas, if only all of us could follow their examples:

Speak up. Fearless females speak up and speak out. They are candidly open when telling us what they think and downright eloquent when opining about issues for which they are passionate. Many times, their contemplations inform and inspire us, call us to action and cause us to be courageous too.

Yet, fearless females tell us they are often “ criticized for being too outspoken, too opinionated, too strong.” More easily than most of us, they shrug off the belittling and stay authentically themselves. So should we!

Take chances.
Fearless females are risk-takers. They opt for non-traditional careers, switch jobs or start new businesses. Sometimes, they take part-time jobs or quit working outside the home altogether — to volunteer, write, paint, study another language or learn new moves on the dance floor! 

When they are bombarded by negativity and/or the protestations of others, they are able to shrug them off and move on without wasting time and energy without second-guessing themselves. Fearless females do what they are called to do — no matter what! So should we!

Stay strong. When faced with adversity, fearless females stay strong. They have learned that obstacles can be overcome and setbacks can be dealt with. They view life as a journey. They expect some bumpy roads and having to shift gears often. They adjust and adapt — with gusto and continued optimism. Fearless females often surprise themselves. They make amazing things happen. 

Most often, they start a project without knowing “for sure” if they can finish. Still, they flex their muscles and begin.

Fearlessly, so should we! 

This article appeared in Houston Woman Magazine in April 2006.

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