Thursday, March 31, 2016

Breakfast with Nancy Pelosi

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Nancy Pelosi launched the World Affairs Council of Greater Houston’s For Women, By Women series with a conversation highlighting the on-going global struggle for women’s rights and her experience at the nexus of political and social progress on Capitol Hill.

The breakfast event took place at the Omni Hotel and was attended by nearly 300 of our city's most politically savvy professionals. I was delighted to be among them.

Pelosi is the Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives in the 114th Congress. From 2007 to 2011, she served as the first woman Speaker of the House. Pelosi has led House Democrats for more than a decade and has represented California's 12th District for 28 years. In 2013, she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Seneca Falls, the birthplace of the American women’s rights movement. Under Pelosi’s leadership, the 111th Congress was heralded as “one of the most productive Congresses in history” by Congressional scholar Norman Ornstein.

Of course, I am quite familiar with Pelosi's impressive resume; I have been watching (albeit on television) her lead the Democrats for a very long time. Most often, the positions she has taken on key issues differed from my own. Even so, I admire this woman. For her patriotism, strong beliefs and exceptional ability to lead. 

So, I was eager to attend today's event and be among those who welcomed her to our city. And, at the same time, sit quietly and listen.

I found Pelosi to be attractive - in a number of ways.

She's a pretty woman. Prettier than she appears on TV. She smiled a lot. More so than I've seen her do on TV. She was friendly, and she engaged with her audience (knowing well a Houston audience can, sometimes, be tough for a Democrat). 

I learned this morning that Pelosi has a daughter living in Houston and that she's in and out of our city visiting her from time to time. My hope is, of course, there will be an opportunity down the road to visit with Pelosi one-on-one, for an interview, perhaps.

I know Nancy Pelosi's remarks, like those she made today, would inspire the readers of my magazine, Houston Woman Magazine. 

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