Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I love discovering new words, and I do my best to remember them and add them to my vocabulary.

Today, I discovered the Swedish word, "resfeber." I stumbled upon it on Pinterest. Someone - another lover of travel - had found it and and shared it with the world. I am so glad she did.

I posted this word on Facebook, and many of my FB friends enjoyed learning about "resfeber" too. One friend, asked me to use it in a sentence. Simple request, eh?

Well, I tried, but I couldn't seem to come up with a sentence in which to properly incorporate it. Perhaps it's one of those great words that only works when speaking the language it comes from?

Anyway, I'm stumped, and it's really too bad. I so want to take "resfeber" as one of my own.

But, for now, it's still a strange word to me. Only its meaning is ever so familiar.

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