Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tempe Mission Palms

I arrived at the Tempe Mission Palms about 3 o'clock this afternoon, and the first thing I did was breathe in slowly and say, "Ahhh!"

Admittedly, I was delighted to find the accommodations for the upcoming Niche Magazine Conference for Publishers was being held at such a beautiful, upscale hotel. No doubt, the next few days were going to be nice!

Upon inspection, I saw the interiors and exteriors of the Tempe Mission Palms reflect the area's serene desert landscapes and rose-colored vistas. Being inside or out is both refreshing and relaxing. The dry environment is a nice change from my hometown of Houston and its usual high humidity. The decor design features delicate doses of peach and rust, teal and brown and, already, it is having a calming effect on me. Nice!

The Temple Mission Palms, just 10 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, is situated in the heart of Arizona State University. It is also just steps away from Tempe's shopping, dining and entertainment district. The well-used sidewalks of the district are anchored by Mill Avenue, named for the street's historic and long-defunct flour mill. Mill Avenue is a fun and happening place; it boasts the same youthful vibe of the ASU students who frequent it. It is, most definitely, a must-see part of Tempe!

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