Saturday, February 9, 2013


Prior to my flight to Arizona, I knew I wanted to have lunch today at an historic Tempe restaurant. So, I  asked my friend, Mary Jane, to pick a place she thought I would enjoy. She settled on Macayo's Mexican Kitchen!

I was pleased with her selection even before I got there. I love Mexican food and was eager to see how the dishes in Arizona would differ from what I am used to in Houston. 

We got to Macayo's  slightly before noon and the arrival of the usual Saturday crowd. We passed thru a large courtyard, known as the Depot Cantina, to get to the establishment's front door. I could just imagine what a hot spot this must be during Happy Hour or on a hot summer day!

Going inside, we were led by an attractive, smiling hostess to a cozy booth in one of its main dining rooms. The room was large and tastefully decorated in traditional Mexican-style. Large windows and skylights above made the room especially bright and cheerful. 

The waiter showed up quickly and took our orders. MJ opted for the Fiesta Salad; I chose the Grilled Chicken Fajitas. 

Soon enough, I learned Macayo's features not only great-tasting entrees, but also big portions and pretty presentations! No wonder it's a local favorite!

Macayo's was founded in 1946 in Phoenix by Woody and Victoria Johnson. From the beginning, they were committed to using quality ingredients served in a warm and friendly environment. 

Still family-owned and locally operated, the Johnson family now has 17 restaurants — 14 in Arizona and three in Las Vegas. The company is run by daughter Sharisse and sons Gary and Stephen. Together, they focus on fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine. 

But, I also learned, the family's heavy commitment to the community has been a key ingredient in its recipe for success.

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