Friday, March 9, 2012


Several weeks ago, I typed into the search bar of my laptop and took a peak at the site, to see for myself why it was causing such a hoopla in the world of social media. 

I found several friends had signed up, and all had created a few "boards." Each of the boards was dedicated to a particular interest - books, recipes, furniture, travel sites, shoes, etc. All was pretty much as I had expected.

Then, I spotted the landing page of my friend, Deb. I discovered, much to my surprise, that she had already created more than 40 boards, which together featured thousands of pins.

"WOW," I thought. "What a waste of time. Clearly, this lady is addicted to Pinterest. Nothing else explains this!"

Nonetheless, I opted to accept an invitation to join Pinterest and created my first board. I decided to post images that had something to do with my life-long passion for journalism. 

At first, I didn't understand about re-pinning, so I spent many hours searching online for appropriate things to pin - typewriters and computers, notepads and iPads, pictures of Lois Lane! I didn't really mind that it was taking up a lot of time. Admittedly, I was having fun!

Days later, I had pinned dozens of images on my Journalism Board. I felt pleased and satisfied. I thought I was done with Pinterest. 

But, for some strange reason, I soon felt the urge to create another board. So, I settled on creating one to highlight my collection of heart-shaped things. Again, I searched the internet for pictures and, again, it took me hours and hours to find what I needed to put the board together.

By the time I started a third board, I had become more familiar with Pinterest  and the joys of re-pinning the images others had pinned to their boards. 

I've been on Pinterest about a month now, and already I have created 19 boards: Baseball Movies, Been There Seen That, Books I Love, Chocolate Desserts, Classic Interiors, Coffee, Crosses, Cupcakes, Denver, Hearts, Houston, Journalism,  My Style,  Pretty in Pink, Teapots, Tiffany Blue, Type A,  Winston (my dog) and Quotes.

But, I am not obsessed. I simply have a new hobby!

And, in a month, I expect to have even more boards - maybe as many as my friend, Deb.