Sunday, June 3, 2012

Noises Off

The press release I received from the Alley Theatre for Noises Off did what it was supposed to do. It made me want to see the production!

It described Playwright Michael Frayn's work as a "delightful, uproarious romp" and "a farce within a farce" and the "funniest of modern comedies."

It went on to say Noises Off  was a "hilarious melee of compromising situations and eccentric characters as they stampeded in and out of doors, voices rising, trousers falling — to create something truly brilliant and unique."

So, earlier today, my friend, Leslie, and I went downtown to check it out!

Noises Off, we discovered, is a three-act play within a play. The first act shows a cast of quirky British actors rehearsing the play, Noises On. 

Veteran Alley Theatre Actor James Black took on the role of the play's director. And, with a bit of a wink and a nod, he esembled the Alley Theatre's artistic director, Gregory Boyd, During the play, Black steps out of the darkness to interrupt the rehearsal frequently, all the while shouting out directions

In the second act, the stage makes a 180-degree turn to show us how things look from backstage as cast members prepare to go on and off. A number of mishaps and a series of relationship issues create havoc and hilarity!

During Act Three, the stage makes another 180-degree turn and, once again, we are watching the disgruntled actors attempt to put on still another performance on Noises On. The problems of the second act continue, and all goes from bad to worse. Or, in this case, from funny to even funnier!

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