Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spirit of the Lowcountry

I'm always up for a boat ride, so I jumped at the opportunity to climb onboard the Spirt of the Lowcountry early this morning to cruise on over to historic Fort Sumter. 

Tagging along with me (or perhaps it was the other way around) were my son, daughter, her husband and my two small grandchildren.

We were delighted to find the Spirit of the Lowcountry was shipshape, with a friendly crew eager to please and accommodate.

We were sitting on the open-air, upper deck with the boat pulled away from shore, but today's breezes were cool. A bit too cool. So, soon enough we sought the warmth and comfort of the shelter below.

We positioned ourselves near a big window at the front of the craft and watched attentively as we neared our destination. No one spoke much. That's what happens when busy people get away to relax.

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