Monday, August 15, 2011

New Office Space

Houston Woman Magazine has been in need of new office spaces for some time. Finding the right place has been my job, and it's been difficult.  There have been just so many things to consider.

Most important, of course, is location, location, location. The office needs to be close to downtown, close to restaurants, close to the post office and our bank and, of course, close to my home. 

I had just about given up on finding the perfect spot when a small office in a funky old building on West Gray - in the River Oaks Shopping Center - opened up. As soon as I heard about it, I called Weingarten Realty (the property owner) and asked to see it.

A nice young man met me outside the door of the vacant suite just a couple of hours later. Stepping in, I took a quick look around. First thing I noticed was all the natural light pouring in from the back wall of windows. Next, I spotted a whole wall of floor-to-ceiling, built-in shelves (discretely hidden behind two sets of double doors). 

"Ah," I thought. "An entire wall of natural light. Another wall of storage! Who knew this little bit of heaven was right over here?"

The next day, I called up that nice young man, asked him to meet with me again. I asked him to bring along a rental agreement. 

He did and, within minutes, I signed the lease and handed over the required deposit check. 

Then, I walked directly across the street - to one of my favorite restaurants -  to celebrate Houston Woman Magazine's new office AND the simple pleasures of making a really good move!