Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Noisy Oyster

My son, Matt, and I landed at the Charleston Airport just after noon, rushed through baggage claim and jumped in a cab.

The plan was to meet my daughter and her family at Hilton's Doubletree Suites on Church Street (our home for the next six days) as quickly as we could. They had flown in from Chicago just two hours earlier and would, undoubtedly, be ready and eager to connect and eat!

Our cab driver was friendly and most hospitable. Matt and I were enjoying a pleasant conversation with him when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter, Nicole, calling to let me know they were at the Noisy Oyster, a popular Charleston eatery just steps from our hotel. 

At my suggestion, the cabbie dropped us off at the restaurant, and within minutes (with luggage in tow), we were sitting at a high-top table diving into an oversized order of fresh, raw oysters! YUM!

When I visited Charleston for the first time - last year - I learned that a trip to Charleston can easily become "all about the food." I told the others they should be careful not to eat too much at any one meal, not to be tempted by the extensive menus that the restaurants here all seem to have. 

No one seemed to hear me. Before long, a tall stack of fried onion rings appeared on the table, followed by another order of oysters, then a huge platter of coconut shrimp, french fries and cole slaw, etc., etc., etc.

After a very lengthy lunch, we walked outside and through the city market and then on over to our hotel. Along the way, I heard complaints about the amount of food consumed and the discomforts the overeating had caused. 

I could only say, "I told you so!"

But, repeatedly, one or the other responded, "Mother, nobody goes to the Noisy Oyster to listen."

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