Thursday, December 29, 2011

Charleston Cooks

I was delighted to be able to spend a little time this afternoon strolling up and down some of the streets situated near Charleston's City Market and wandering in and out of shops of special interest. One such place was Charleston Cooks, located at 192 East Bay Street.

The shop is a cook's delight - whether amateur or full-fledged chef. It is jam-packed with only the best in cooking equipment and utensils, Lowcountry cookbooks, brightly colored aprons, gourmet spices and seasonings, etc., etc., etc.

While browsing around, I saw noticed on the other side of wall of glass, a professional kitchen and classroom-style rows of tables and chairs. Obviously, cooking classes were offered there, so I inquired about them.

I learned that a demonstration class was being held on New Year's Day at 2:30 p.m. I learned that the instructor would be preparing a traditional Lowcountry New Year's Day recipes. And, most importantly, I learned there were still a few tickets available for purchase. 

I turned to my daughter, Nicole, who was shopping nearby, and asked if she'd like to take a class on our last day in Charleston. 

Without hesitation, she said, "Of course!"

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