Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reality Check

Earlier today, I created a survey for Houston Woman Magazine and solicited responses (via Constant Contact) from its readers. In short, it was time for a reality check!

I wanted to give readers an opportunity to tell me how they viewed the publication I have, for seven years now, devoted so much of my time and energy. Specifically, I wanted to know if the demographic it served is as obvious to them as it should be.

I wanted to know how they first became aware of Houston Woman Magazine and how long they had been reading it. I wanted to know what immediately came to mind when they hear the name of the magazine and what they viewed as its specialty and uniqueness. I also wanted to know what I could be doing more or less to better serve them.

I had no idea how many readers would offer their opinions, but it didn't really matter. Any amount of feedback is, as Martha Stewart says, a good thing.

I was pleasantly surprised when, within a few hours, dozens of responses to my survey came in and gave me the information I sought.

I am happy to report that the readers "get it." They see Houston Woman Magazine is designed to inform, inspire and connect women, that it focuses on business and career issues, primarily, and that it is designed to be fun without fluff.

Many of the readers gave me some great ideas for future issues, and I can't wait to move forward on their suggestions.

I love working on Houston Woman Magazine. I love too that so many amazing women are paying attention — and contributing!

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