Friday, April 1, 2011


Our merry band of travel writers just had lunch at L'Escale, an upscale and highly fashionable restaurant located directly across the street from the St. Tropez pier and its impressive line of yachts.

Walking into L'Escale, the first thing you notice is the floor — or should I say "lack of floor." Instead of walking on stone tiles or wooden boards, we took off our sandals and sank our toes into a thick layer of cool, white sand.

Given that fact, one might expect the decor of the restaurant to be ultra casual, but no, it wasn't. Instead, tables were covered with white starched cloths and adorned with silver candelabra, crystal and fresh flowers. Beautiful! And, yes, it truly was a uniquely perfect atmosphere for some of the finest Provencal fare in St. Tropez.

I asked about the name and was told, by our local guide, that the word, L'Escale, means "port of call." L'Escale, a name quite fitting, to be sure!

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