Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flying to France

It's 4 p.m., and I'm sitting in an Air France jumbo jet, settling in and waiting for take-off.

I'm thinking about today's assignment: to travel to France to learn and write about some very special places.

Admittedly, I'm eager for the plane's wheels to speed down the runway and lift off. I'm heading to Paris tonight, and then on to the airport in Nice tomorrow morning. After that, it will be a drive to Provence. In all, I'll be traveling for more than 13 hours.

But, I've gotten lucky. The plane isn't crowded, and I've been given three full seats. I'll be able to stretch out after dinner and relax more comfortably. Perhaps, I'll even be able to get some sleep.

If not, I've come prepared. I have brought along my laptop for writing blog posts when so inspired (like now), my Kindle on which I've downloaded more than 60 titles, a brand-new crossword puzzle book with more than 300 puzzles (including my favorite Sudoku), the newest issue of FastCompany and lots of info on the Four Seasons Provence Terre Blanche — my luxurious final destination.

We've not taken off yet but already I'm in heaven!

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