Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dining in Fayence

Among the many nice things about staying at the Four Seasons Provence is its close proximity to a number of charming medieval villages, including Fayence.

Fayence, built on a hillside and composed of eight beautiful "perched villages," lies just minutes from the Mediterranean coast. It dates to 909 A.D., and its name (in Latin) translates to "a favorable location."

Today, Fayence is home to dozens of twisting narrow streets and shady squares, all beautiful and bustling with locals and tourists popping in and out of a variety of tiny shops, bars and gourmet cafes.

My traveling buddies and I were driven over to Fayence for dinner tonight — to eat at a popular and very typical French bistro, Le Restaurant de France  (shown here).

The restaurant is housed in an ancient building, and the atmosphere was just what you would hope to find — warm and cozy and intimate. 

The owner had pre-selected the menu for the night, and all of us were delighted. Multiple courses - including two featuring seafood and lamb - were creatively seasoned and prepared in pleasant and surprising ways. Fine Rose wine from the Provence region was the perfect companion. The dessert — an apple tort with ice cream — was special and oh so rich! By the time it came, we were stuffed, but still we ate it all.

Important to note: We journalists never diet on official press trips! We can diet at home!

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