Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow in America

It snowed in 49 of our 50 states today. Florida was the only one without a flake. The blizzard in New York, as well as the powdery downfalls in all of the other states across the country, have made the record books.

The last time 49 states in the union had snow at the same time was last year when all but Hawaii had snow. Before that, it happened in 1977, and South Carolina was the lone exception.

Every broadcast news professional has been focused on the snowfall all day long. I heard the word "snow" mentioned so many times today I started to make "snow" notes.

I heard TV anchors say things like "on with the snow" and "snow joke" at least 100 times. I heard some of the weather guys and gals refer to their work as "snow jobs."  I heard a couple of interviewers ask, "Snow what?"

The silly references went on and on, but I enjoyed them all. They made me smile. And being able to keep a silly grin on my face all day long made me "snow, snow" happy!

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