Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Orleans Roast

I discovered New Orleans Roast Coffee last summer while visiting the Crescent City. It is served in many of the best restaurants there.

I absolutely love this coffee. I tell people about it all the time; I even mention it in my posts of Facebook. And, because it is easy to order online or purchase in Houston, it's become the official brew of my house!

Friends — who haven't yet had a cup of New Orleans Roast Coffee — keep asking me about it. "Why do you like it so much," they ask. "What's so special about it?"

I tell them, "It just tastes so good. Fresher, somehow!"

Their questions motivated me to learn more about the product. I now know that New Orleans Roast Coffee is roasted in a facility in the French Quarter, directly off the Mississippi River. The owners buy only 100% Arabican beans, plucked while still green. To ensure consistency, each batch of coffee is slowly roasted in small batches.

I've gotten to be such a fan of New Orleans Roast Coffee that I've started telling restaurant owners here in Houston (who have bad coffee) all about it. I've started asking them to go to Kroger, buy some and brew a pot.

Oddly enough, a couple have done that, reported back and thanked me.

Perhaps it won't be long before some of the best restaurants in Houston will also be serving the best coffee.

I sure do hope so!

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