Saturday, January 15, 2011

Joe Cobb's Barbecue

When I was growing up, this little barbecue place was a favorite of mine and all my friends. Much like the iconic soda fountain of the 50s, Cobb's was the after-school hangout for generations of us who attended Bossier High School.

Cobb's is located just a few blocks from the school, so getting over there was quick and easy. The food was affordable and some of our favorites.
The decor of Cobb's was always familiar and  welcoming. The tables had shiny metal legs and formica tops (like the ones we had in our kitchens at home) and the walls were decorated with souvenirs and historic memorabilia from our beloved alma mater.

On those walls were pictures of BHS football teams, school pennants, football tickets, booster ribbons and buttons, and newspaper clippings. Just what you might expect to see at a place strongly supported by the local teens.

So, it was not surprisingly that Cobb's was the first choice for lunch today when my family got together in Bossier. None of us had been there for a while, and all of us were eager to return. We wanted to enjoy some of the best barbecue in the world, of course, but we also wanted to see if any of the "stuff" from the old days was still posted on the walls there.

Walking in, we couldn't help but smile. Nothing seemed to have changed. The four-tops still formed a long, family-style table in the middle of the room. Naugahyde booths were stilling lining the walls, All seemed to be the exact same ones we had sat on hundreds of times before.

Right away we started to scan the walls and right away we spotted the group photo of the BHS cheerleaders from 1975, the year my youngest sister, Paula, was on the squad. (The photo was in the exact same spot it had always been.)

My father, brother-in-law, son, two sisters and I stood there staring at that photo for awhile before we placed our order. Finally, my brother-in-law said, "Hey, Paula, you were looking pretty good in that photo!" The rest of chimed in with similar comments.

Then Paula said what most women of a "certain age" say when looking at old photos, "I sure was nice and skinny back then. What happened?"

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