Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Going to church on Christmas Eve before we sit down to dinner and focus on other night-time festivities has long been a treasured family tradition, and spending the holidays in Chicago this year didn't change that.

We opted to go in the late afternoon, to the Intergenerational Worship Service at Glenview Community Church, the current church home of my daughter and her husband.

Walking into the church, I was taken by its lovely architecture, huge pipe organ and the awe-inspiring crucifix displayed prominently at the back of the sanctuary. 

I loved the festive seasonal decorations that had been placed all around - especially the bright red poinsettia tree. It was simply stunning against the church's white paneled walls and exposed brick support beams.

I liked the fact that we were attending a service planned for families. Having the pews filled with bright-eyed and beautiful children of all ages was a wonderful sight. It was something my mother - born 84 years ago today - would have appreciated.

I think of my mother often, and each thought brings memories and emotions and tears - but never quite as strongly as on Christmas Eve.

My mother was an angel, a precious child of God. How blessed that she was born on Christmas Eve; how special for our family to always be together and in church on Mother's birthday, praising God and thanking Him for the gift of her.

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