Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Packers Win

This afternoon, the NFL's oldest rivals faced off for the AFC Championship. 
It was the first time since 1941 the two teams had met in the playoffs. 
It was, for many of us football fans, a game not to be missed.
I watched it all and enjoyed the heck out of it. 
The victory came down to the final minutes.
The Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears. 
The score was 21-14.

 Seeing the Packers win seemed like old times. 
It brought back bittersweet memories.
Too many times they beat the Dallas Cowboys when I was a kid. 
Back then, I loved cheering on the Packers and Bart Starr, 
except when they played the Cowboys and Don Meredith. 
Green Bay's win today was different. 
It was sweet — as sweet as pure sugar!
The Cowboys not making the playoffs this year was sweet too.
Funny how time changes things!

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