Sunday, January 31, 2010

Typical Sunday

Today is a typical Sunday.

I got up early, put on a pot of coffee and settled into a comfortable spot to make an entry in my journal.

My scribblings there are anything but literary. Most often, the words spill from my pen in random fashion. Complete sentences are rare, and my words are often jumbled. But, that's okay. For me, that journal is a personal landing pad for free-flow thought!

Sometimes the pages of my journal provide a dumping ground for my frustrations - the kind I try not to share with others. "That client is so difficult. She never reads emails or returns my phone calls. Then, she calls me at odd and inconsiderate times, always 'asking for a favor' that must be done immediately. Drats!"

More often, the pages of my journal are the first step in turning good intentions into ambitious goals. "I sure do miss my daughter, Nicole, and my grandbabies. I wonder if they would entertain another trip to Houston any time soon? Maybe I can arrange a quickie trip to Chicago to see them? I'll give Nicole a call after the sun comes up!"

Sometimes, like today, the pages of my journal are a wonderfully convenient place to express my gratitude. For big and significant things like my good health, wonderful family, supportive friends, work that feels like play. For little things like the chill in the air, the warmth of the flames in the fireplace, the smell of icy cold orange juice and hot (and homemade) cinnamon rolls.

I record my blessings and, as usual, the list is long. I can't help but smile, look up and give the Big Guy a nod of appreciation.

Thankfully, today is a typical Sunday.