Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping for Boots

This year, 2010, turned out to be the year of the boot, and having just one pair (or even two pairs) in the closet just doesn't cut it.

As my daughter, Nicole, commented when she gave me a new pair of dark brown (and very good-looking) leather boots for my birthday,

"There's so many styles today. I didn't know exactly what you wanted. After a bit of shopping, I decided it didn't matter; one pair wasn't going to take you everywhere you need to go anyway. So, I bought the pair I liked best; you can pick out some more after Christmas!"

Admittedly, I like the way my daughter thinks.

So, here we are at Macy's in the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, trying to choose from among all the great new styles. Selecting just one more pair (the limit I've set for myself) is tough!

There are suede, leather and rubber boots, as well as short, medium and tall boots. There are fur-lined boots and cloth-lined boots. There are boots with pointed toes, square toes and rounded toes. There are boots you slip into (and pull on) or zip up. There are very plain boots with no decorations. But, there are also boots with laces or buckles or both. There are boots you wear under boot-leg-cut jeans and boots for stuffing straight-leg jeans inside. There are work boots and play boots, casual boots and dressy boots.

My daughter and I spent more than an hour in the shoe department of Macy's before I made my purchase.

In the end, I fell in love with a pair of tall, black suede, fleece-lined boots with flat heels, a zipper on the inside and buckles on the outside. Perfect for wearing with tights or trendy skinny jeans.

When I walked over to the cash register and presented that "perfect pair of boots" to the sales clerk, all she said was "Ugg."

Yes, indeed. That, in a word, pretty much summed up my boot shopping experience!

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