Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going Home

I am at O'Hare Airport, sitting at Gate B4, waiting to board Continental Flight 147, which will "officially" end my holidays in Chicago and take me back home to Houston. It will be a bittersweet walk to the plane.

Experiencing a white and wonderful Christmas with my daughter, Nicole, her husband, J.T., and my two young grandchildren, Alexandra and Andrew, has been memorable and special. It is difficult to say good-bye.

Still, I am looking forward to being home for the remainder of the holidays. I will enjoy meeting friends for dinner and/or the movies. I will enjoy hanging out on my own sofa and in front of my own TV (in total command of the remote control). And, once again, I will enjoy raiding my own fridge — day or night — without the slightest fear of being detected.

Going home! It's still the very best way to wind up a simply great vacation!

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