Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Beauty of Blue and White

I knew it was going to be a white Christmas long before I arrived in Chicago for the holidays, so seeing the delicate flakes fall repeatedly on the big day was not a surprise. What was, however, was what I saw the day after Christmas - a "ceiling" of bright and beautiful blue skies! Wow, my first blue and white Christmas!

Staring at it with awe, I couldn't help but think about the meaning of colors and how the combination of blue and white were especially welcomed.

Blue, known to be the favorite color of  the majority of us, is loved equally by men and women. Blue is perceived as a constant - like the ocean and the sky. It's said to produce chemicals in our bodies that are calming, that bring us peace.

White is neutral. It implies cleanliness and purity. Like a house surrounded by a white picket fence, landscapes of snowy white make us feel safe and happy. White encourages us to clear away clutter, purify our thoughts and deeds.

Blue and white. Together they produce beautiful images of peace and of joy. Blue and white at Christmastime. What could be more wondrous? What could be more fitting?

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