Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Morning

Being able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in my room this morning was a high priority. The need to relax and pamper myself was strong; the grand opportunity to do so here at The Sanctuary was not to be missed!

So, I got up very early - before daybreak - and immediately picked up the phone to order room service. Then, I stepped in and out of the shower, put on the hotel's waffle-weave terry robe and eagerly awaited the beauty of a new sunrise and the server's knock on the door!

A few minutes later, the latest issue of the New York Times and my morning repast of vanilla granola and berries and a large pot of coffee had been delivered. Within another few minutes, I was sitting outside on the balcony, taking in the beauty of the scene below and enjoying it all.

For me, early mornings are the most precious times. Always, I am nourished by the quiet and solitude and drawn to meditation. It is then I am most fully aware of the blessings of my life and my need to prayerfully express my gratitude!

Afterwards, I pick up my journal to ink three pages. Most often I write freely and fast, without concern for spelling or punctuation. Most often, I start by recording the things for which I am most grateful. Most often, I finish up resolving to use this new day to prove (to Him) just how much!

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