Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping on King Street

I spent most of this morning walking up one side of King Street in Charleston and down the other, stopping often as I strolled along. With Christmas less than 30 days away now, window shopping alone would simply not do. So, I headed out, on a mission - determined to buy gifts while I was here!

Doing so wasn't difficult. King Street is famous for its chic and fashionable boutiques and stores. I found everything (and more) than I was looking for quicker than I could say "Merry Christmas!"

I checked out the inventory at familiar spots like Ann Taylor, The Gap, Abercrombie & Finch, J. Crew, Victoria's Secret and Talbot's. But, I also discovered new local favorites, like Eliza's and Nancy's.

The weather was cool this morning, so a number of warm-looking, hand-woven caps caught my eye. After looking at dozens of them, I bought myself a white one. If I didn't live in Houston - where cold days and nights are rare - I would have bought some more!

Bookstores are a weakness of mine, so bumping into a small, locally owned one was a really nice treat. I spent a long time in there, looking through many, many books on Charleston. Deciding which one to take home was difficult, but finally I settled on a charming little book entitled, Very Charleston, written and beautifully illustrated by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler.

The book is a celebration of Charleston's history, culture and Lowcountry charm. Its watercolor drawings should be perfect reminders of this very special visit.

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