Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charleston Place Meetings

I'm treating myself to a long-overdue getaway, staying the first few days in the luxurious Charleston Place Hotel, and I'm up early.

My room in the fabulous Orient Express hotel is situated on the club level, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee has awakened me and lured me to venture down the hall (sans makeup) to retrieve my first cup of the day! I sip it now as I write this post!

It surprised me a bit to find quite a few others already gathered to enjoy the buffet. I exchanged "hellos" with Betty, a Japanese-American woman writing in a notebook.

Betty too is a writer, and she too writes in a journal every morning. She too makes sure she inks at least three pages! We chatted for a few more minutes and decided to meet for Afternoon Tea later today to visit some more - to visit about our individual writing projects!

I also ran into a married couple - one I had seen in the room last night during "dessert" time. This time they smiled at me and spoke.

Spotting my "Houston Woman" t-shirt, the man asked, "So, are you from Houston?"

"Yes," I reply. "How about you?"

"We live in Philadelphia now, but I grew up in Texas. I went to Rice University," he said. "Small world, eh?"

We exchanged some other personal tidbits and discovered we know many of the same people and, amazingly, share some of the same good friends!

Small world? Yes! Six degrees of separation? Yes, perhaps it's so!

Soon I will do some yoga stretches, jump in the shower and into my clothes and head off for a full day of sight-seeing. A long walk down King Street is up first, then a motorized tour of the city. Afterwards, a relaxing lunch at one of the Lowcountry's best!

And, if I'm lucky, I'll make a few more new friends along the way!

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