Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aussie Aborigine Art

Last night I popped in at the Booker-Lowe Gallery on Feagan. I went, of course, to see the great new pieces hanging there but also to do something I preach - cheer on another professional woman and friend, owner Nana Booker.

Nana and her partner, David Lowe, were holding an opening reception for "Puuya Kunitha - Strong Heart, Contemporary Aboriginal Paintings from Australia's Lockhart River."

I learned that Lockhart River is a remote Aboriginal community at the northern-most tip of the Great Barrier Reef, and artists from that region have astonished critics and attracted collectors worldwide since 1994.

Meeting Councillor Veronica Piva and Art Centre representative Peter Neal, who traveled more than 10,000 miles to be our culture guides for the evening, were special delights.

I could appreciate the beauty and talent behind all the paintings, but I found one piece especially appealing.

It was fairly large, adorned with a myriad of thick, brightly colored brushstrokes. I found myself staring at it for a very long time - wondering about the artist, the meaning of the painting.

It was entitled, "I Wait for Him."

I asked Veronica about the painting and found out that it had been created by a female - one who is only 18 years old.

We speculated about the title of the work. Veronica said the young artist was most likely longing for a boyfriend. I suggested she might be calling out to a higher power?

We both commented that "mystery" is one of the greatest things about art.

Today, I am still thinking about that painting and that inspired artist, still wondering about the yearnings of her very young heart.

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